Knowing Chef Profession: 12 Types of Chefs You Need to Know!

by Rachita Nayar
Nov 18, 2022
2.5min read

When it comes to food, who doesn't get a little nostalgic? Unlike most mothers who are perfect in all cuisines, chefs specialize in certain food items. Here are twelve types of chefs that you need to know about.

12 Types of Chefs

Executive chef

The boss of the kitchen is known as an executive chef. To become an executive chef, it takes years of training to gain such expertise and master different food items. Apart from cooking, they also play a significant role in running kitchen operations.

Sous Chef

Micromanaging the kitchen takes a team. This is what sous chefs are for. They are the right hand of the executive chef who looks over the quality of food and the functioning of the kitchen.


A patissier is commonly known as a pastry chef. Yeast is the best friend of pastry chefs, as they deal in making loaves of bread, pastries, and other bakery items. 

Station Chef

A station chef takes care of all the food prepared in their jurisdiction. They ensure that the food prepared is served of top-notch quality. Quality management is the primary role of a station chef.


Did you know that there is a dedicated chef to prepare all the juicy and tasty sauces in the kitchen? Yes, that is what a saucier does. Their main work is to prepare the sauces and conduct a taste check on them.


A poissonier is a seafood chef. They mainly deal in preparing seafood, such as fish, prawns, and crabs. 

types of chefs


Depending on the type of cuisine, the vegetables need to be prepared differently. An entremetier is a vegetable chef whose role is to prepare vegetables as required.


Meat cook is also known as a rotisserie. They prepare different types of meat as needed. A meat cook and a saucier often work hand in hand to prepare delicacies that are relished by all.

Fry cook

Yes, that's correct. There is an exceptional cook who is responsible for only frying in the kitchen. It is their responsibility to ensure that the food receives the perfect crisp in each bite.

Gard manger

A guard manager or pastry chef works on the most loved dish by all, pastries. They deliver the perfect pastry when it comes to taste, quality and presentation.


A commis or line cook is an entry-level position in a kitchen. They are responsible for doing all the scut work in the kitchen, such as chopping vegetables, assisting in cooking, lining the plates and dishes, etc. A line cook needs to be quick on their feet and extremely alert. With the proper guidance, they can climb the ladder faster.


There has to be someone in the kitchen who is responsible for managing and coordinating between the chefs and the waiters. This is what an expediter does. They are the means of communication and also aid in delivering plates and managing food delivery to the customers.

How can you become an expert chef?

It takes much more than mere cooking skills to become an expert chef. You need time, patience, the willingness to learn, and expert guidance to be perfect in what you do to attain a higher position in the kitchen. One of the best ways to do this is by doing various courses and training programs. 

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