How Much Is The Average Salary for Civil Engineering Jobs in the US?

by Rachita Nayar
Nov 18, 2022
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Everything you see around yourself, tall buildings, big flyovers and bridges, and homes is a civil engineer's boon. They help in planning, constructing, and managing infrastructure to ensure that it's stable and strong.

When it comes to society, they have a major contribution, as they help connect people and make their life simpler and more accessible. Civil engineers often work in a group for bigger projects. They work alongside architects, electricians, plumbers, government officials, etc., to help plan the infrastructure better.

Who is a civil engineer?

It takes more than just a vision to build up an infrastructure. There are many things to plan and consider, such as the height and width, materials to be used, etc. Civil engineer completes their degree in engineering to learn more about construction on a site and ensure that the structure stays intact for a longer tenure. One may even do an advanced course for a master's degree in civil engineering to learn more in greater depth.

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Roles and responsibilities of a civil engineer 

Every construction involves several steps in the process. It doesn't happen overnight when an individual says, 'construct a building here.'

  • Firstly, it is vital for a civil engineer to understand the needs and requirements of the construction.
  • They need to analyze the load bearing on the infrastructure. For instance, the number of people in the building on average or the number of vehicles and loads a bridge has to bear at a time. Based on this, they estimate the width of the beams and the size of the project.
  • Thus, they create a design plan to execute the project better. This involves a rough sketch, an estimated budget plan, and the quantity and cost of materials involved. 
  • Based on this, they discuss the plan with the client to negotiate or understand any change in the structure or cost estimates. It is their duty to respect the needs of their clients and work accordingly.
  • They visit the site for inspection and understand the quality of the ground. Based on this, the need to analyze the depth of infrastructure needed for the beams to go in and hold the structure uptight. 
  • They also check the blueprints of the site to understand the location and placement of any underlying pipeline or electrical wires. 
  • After deducing the final plan and structure, they analyze risks and take relevant measures to minimize them. They conduct a risk analysis survey and make a plan of action in case things go wrong. This helps them in times of emergencies.
  • Once the planning is finalized, they must overlook the construction. This involves managing workers and subordinates and looking over the day-to-day activities. Further, they must keep their client posted and share regular updates on the progress of the construction. 

How Much Is The Average Salary for Civil Engineering Jobs in the US?

While working as a civil engineer in the US, you can either take up a job or work as a freelancer on a contract basis. On average, a civil engineer in the US can earn $88,570 per year. However, while working as a freelancer, there is no job security. Instead, you can work at your will with projects that suit you and your budget.

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