Exploring the Future of Work: 7 Industries with Promising Career Opportunities

by Raj Virani
Aug 15, 2023
5 min read

industries to work in the future

Unemployment due to the demand deficit has caused severe global challenges. In the USA itself, the unemployment rate on July 2023 is 3.5%.

The unemployment rate as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, July 2021 – July 2023

unemployment rate in the usa

In a world driven by technology and changes in the economic system, various industries have lost their relevance in the global markets. Job seekers are busy figuring out the future of work.

As industrial dynamics are changing some skills and jobs are losing their significance while others are gaining momentum. With rising opportunities in the information technology sector searches like, “What does a data analyst do,” or “How to become a software engineer” are trending.

Here are some of the industries that will define the future of work in the years to come.

1. Data analytics

In the global digital economy, data is the new oil. In a world driven by information technology and innovation, the demand for professionals who can manage data has risen considerably. Analyzing, interpreting, and processing vast volumes of data generated by modern-day organizations is something that requires high professional competence.

This is one of the core reasons that the demand for data scientists and data analysts has surged in our times. Becoming a professional data analyst requires skills from various fields like computer science, statistics, graphic design, mathematics, and many others.

Job positions in data analytics:

  • Data analyst,
  • Data scientist,
  • Database administrator,
  • Business intelligence, etc.

Sectors preferred:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare
  • Gaming
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing

2. Cloud computing

We live in an age of information. With the gradual transition of our society towards technology, the amount of information generated by humans is increasing rapidly. Therefore, information access and management must be done appropriately.

This is where the role of cloud computing comes in. Cloud computing provides remote access to data by storing information in a central server on the internet rather than a physical server. It offers quick access to data regardless of an individual's location, and this industry will only expand in the future. 

Job positions in cloud computing:

  • Cloud administrator,
  • Cloud consultant,
  • Cloud network engineer,
  • Cloud security analyst,
  • Cloud automation engineer, etc.

Sectors preferred:

  • Automotive
  • Real estate
  • Hospitality
  • Ecommerce
  • Retail
  • Agriculture

3. Cybersecurity

With data and computing comes security. As the world becomes more connected, the risk of cyber warfare, cyberattacks, online fraud, and hacking is more prevalent than ever. These days information is mainly stored on the internet, which is why this information is more prone to hacking or installation of a computer virus that can often cause significant harm to a computer system.

That is why cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing industries in our time. Cybersecurity experts are handsomely paid, and this sector has a high potential for your professional growth.

Job positions in cybersecurity:

  • Security software developer,
  • Security consultant,
  • Ethical hacker,
  • Security architect,
  • Penetration tester, etc.

Sectors preferred:

  • Information technology
  • Digital marketing
  • Government agencies
  • Financial institutions
  • Retail
  • Energy and utility companies

KnowledeHut reports that while the ethical hacking industry only employs 32% of the workforce, there is a growing demand for new staff. It is anticipated that the number of ethical hackers will increase by 20% by the end of 2023, compared to the previous year. This trend is expected to continue in the future.

4. Artificial intelligence

There is no second thought about the fact that artificial intelligence is the future. With constant information input, machines have started learning things on their own. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have become deeply interwoven with our lives. They will be the incubators of the next phase in the internet revolution.

Online chatbots, humanoid robots, and self-learning algorithms all of these technologies are supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning. With the increasing number of industries adopting artificial intelligence, we can be assured that it is the future of work.

Job positions in artificial intelligence:

  • Machine learning engineer,
  • Big data engineer,
  • Software engineer,
  • Software architect,
  • Data scientist,
  • Research scientists, etc.

Sectors preferred:

  • Agriculture
  • Social media
  • Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Mobility service companies
  • Legal professions
  • Robotics
  • Automobiles

As per Remote's analysis, Software Developers, Software Engineers, and Machine Learning Engineers are part of the Top 8 digital professions that are of utmost importance for the future.

5. Education

One of the oldest and constantly developing fields in the market is education. Thousands of professionals join this field every year. The demand for teaching and learning is nowhere to go. Skill-based education is the need of the hour and the demand for professionals with domain expertise who can provide training and development to others is only upsurging.

The education market will never become obsolete at any point in human existence. Hence, this field is for you if you are gifted with excellent public speaking and interpersonal skills!

Job positions in education:

  • Teachers,
  • Professors,
  • Learning support staff,
  • Administrators,
  • Coaches,
  • Teaching assistants,
  • Librarians,
  • Mental health practitioners,
  • Counselors, etc.

Sectors preferred:

  • Corporate training
  • Edtech companies
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities

6. Finance

Since the existence of human civilization, finance, or in standard terms, money has played a critical role in our development. Whatever your industry may be, finance is a core requirement. The demand for well-qualified finance professionals is only to increase in the future with the new industrial revolution coming all the way.

This industry offers excellent stability to the professionals working here. The financial incentives in the finance field are also higher than in many other industries, which makes it one of the most attractive choices for job seekers.

Job positions in finance:

  • Cost management accountant,
  • Chartered financial analyst,
  • Credit analyst,
  • Chartered accountant,
  • Auditor,
  • Investment banker,
  • Risk analyst,
  • Loan manager, etc.

Sectors preferred:

  • Investment banking
  • Hedge funds
  • Banking
  • Wealth management
  • Tax consulting
  • Insurance
  • Public accounting
  • Treasury instruments
  • Portfolio management

7. Graphic design

With paper-based designs losing value, it is evident that the next decade belongs to graphic design. During the pandemic, we saw how the world struggled with marketing. In this critical period, the graphic design industry came to the rescue of companies and small business owners.

As the Metaverse becomes more visible Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the future. The ever-changing animation industry evolved from only being an industry that catered to children to an industry that created an important place in business, entertainment, education, and even finance.

Job positions in graphic design:

  • Graphic designer,
  • Video editor,
  • Animation artist,
  • UI/UX designer,
  • Multimedia designer,
  • Layout artist,
  • Production artist,
  • 3D animator,
  • VFX artist,
  • AR/VR developer, etc.

Sectors preferred:

  • Gaming
  • Movie
  • Print media
  • Website development
  • Real estate
  • Advertising
  • Journalism
  • Information Technology (IT)

Businesses of all sizes will see drastic changes with the change in work. As a job applicant, you will be required to be well-versed in the skills in industries that will define the future of work. In industries of the future upgradation is the central theme. 

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