10 Cover Letter Tips for Getting Hired

by Rachita Nayar
Jan 28, 2023
3min read

The cover letter is your opportunity to show the hiring committee what this position, this organization, and this institution mean to you personally. Personality can make or break a job candidate. It's important that whatever is made has a goal in mind.

If you want to be sure you're covering all the bases with your cover letter, read this article.

What is a cover letter?

Your cover letter is a chance to highlight your qualifications and what sets you apart from other applicants. A cover letter introduces your resume or curriculum vitae. Think of it as a digital version of yourself. Since you can't accompany your resume/CV wherever it goes, you're writing a cover letter instead.

cover letter writing tips

Keep it readable

The typeface, size, and style of your cover letter should mirror those of your resume to create a unified sense for your application. Downloading a cover letter template and resume template that matches it might make the application process go more smoothly.

Do not exceed one page in length

Managers at companies aren't interested in reading cover letters that are several pages long. More than one page seems excessive, and reading it could make you feel like you're boasting.

Cover letters should be between 250 and 450 words long, around three to four paragraphs.

Name the recruiting manager

Neither "To Whom It May Concern" nor "Dear Sir/Madam" is appropriate for a cover letter. Both expressions are pleasant but lack any warmth or individuality.

Try to obtain the recruiting manager's name and address your cover letter to them. If the person's name isn't included, look them up on the company's website or Linkedin.

Quickly prove your eligibility

Many human resources professionals won't give your resume more than a quick scan unless it immediately stands out. Therefore, make a good first impression by knowing how to write a cover letter.

Show that you can do the work right away by emphasizing your years of related experience and top professional talents. Then, clarify why your background and qualifications make you an ideal candidate.

Show cultural compatibility

Hiring managers place a lot of stock on whether they feel they can see themselves working with the candidate.

Your cover letter should have the same tone and language as the company's marketing materials to show that you share their values and ideas. Also, examine the visual clues that the organization is sending you. For example, if the website is minimalistic, a similarly short cover letter template might be appropriate.

Concrete action verbs describe your experience

Use a lot of verbs that imply motion to explain your accomplishments at previous jobs in your cover letter. The greatest action verbs show how you did your job while highlighting your leadership, skills, and initiative.

Exhibit your proficiency in working remotely

Your cover letter is the perfect spot to highlight your ability to work remotely and provide outcomes for an employer. In your cover letter, describe an accomplishment you achieved while working remotely.

Draft a fresh cover letter for each job

The problems that one firm encounters are seldom those that another does. Every cover letter you send out should be unique and tailor-made to speak to the position's specific needs and how you can assist satisfy those needs.

Don't simply say that you're capable of the work; show how your skills will contribute to the company's long-term success.

Cover letter conclusion

A solid conclusion is the capstone of a successful cover letter (valediction or sign-off). This is your final opportunity to make a good impact on the hiring manager.

Use a nice and formal closing such as "Sincerely" or "Kind Regards" to sign off your cover letter.

Cover letter signing

Just put your name and allow some space below the finish to send your cover letter through the company's recruitment software or email.

Signing the final document with an electronic signature generator is another viable alternative.

Those seeking employment may utilize Epicareer to find a suitable opportunity to apply for and a suitable landing point from which to construct a cover letter and resume.

Only Apply for job that matter.

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