How To Land Your First Internship With No Experience?

by Rachita Nayar
Jan 28, 2023
3min read

Internships are very beneficial for students and those with no job experience. It is a great opportunity to get real-world experience in a certain field. They are a great way to gain valuable work experience and make useful contacts in your field.

It may seem difficult, if not impossible, to get internships without prior work experience. But how can you get an internship if you don't have any work experience? It is quite feasible and can be accomplished by anybody. You just need to learn proper methods of self-promotion.

Below are some expert ideas to help you acquire your first internship without experience.

Find out where to look for internships

If this is your first internship, it might be difficult to find out where to start looking. Here are some locations to locate internships:

  • Seek relevant organizations in your field of interest
  • Visit job fairs
  • Consult your social circle
  • Visit the career resource center
  • Try looking for a job posting on the college's bulletin board
  • Check out the classifieds
  • Get in touch with your lecturers
  • Discuss your internship needs with a professional counselor

Finding appropriate internship posts might seem challenging initially, but plenty of options are available if you know where to search.


Feature your impressive abilities

To get internships without prior work experience and beat the competition, you must believe in yourself and demonstrate your unique worth to prospective companies. Emphasizing your abilities is the only way to get what you want.

Make it very obvious in your application letter and CV exactly how your collection of abilities will benefit the organization. Demonstrate how you will provide value to the company and highlight specific areas where you believe you can make a difference. Make your relevant potential skills outstanding.

Build your resume by volunteering

Volunteering your time and energy for free may help you build your resume. Several organizations might use some additional assistance, but they just can't afford it. 

It's a good idea to look for companies linked to your field of study or desired profession and ask if you may volunteer there. Giving time to a good cause may help you hone valuable attributes like dependability, time management, and teamwork.

Accept the truth

Having a realistic outlook is the most important thing you can do as a recent college graduate seeking a Google internship, Microsoft internship, Amazon internship, or any other paid or unpaid internship. Especially if you are a fresh graduate with little to no work experience. The ability to assess one's strengths and weaknesses is essential to realism.

A person should not think they are better than the needs of a certain employer. You may get experience and knowledge at a small business that you wouldn't get in a larger company or an institution.

Enhance your skills

Various transferable talents are useful in many fields, even without direct work experience. Invest some time in enhancing your employability by gaining proficiency in computing, leadership, and communication. Incorporate the following strategies into your plans to acquire or improve vital abilities:

  • Take a weekend course in a marketable skill, like teamwork or software, geared for professionals.
  • Participate in an organization that will help you grow marketably, such as a debating society or public speaking club.
  • Strive to assume roles of leadership in the communities in which you participate.
  • Participate in a tutoring program if you want to improve your verbal fluency.

Think beyond the box

Make your internship if finding a formal one is difficult. Get in touch with your teachers regarding possible research participation. Even if you can't find a listed internship, don't hesitate to reach out to companies in your area of interest. Clearly state your abilities,

availability, and your preferences, such as working for course credit rather than paid.

Try to maintain a good GPA

If you have no job experience but are applying for an internship, your academic performance may be a deciding factor. Your academic achievements will substitute for your lack of work experience.

Consider signing up for relevant classes and working hard to succeed there. An A in a data analytics class can help you get an internship as a data analyst, even if you don't have any expertise in the field.

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Only Apply for job that matter.

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