How To Politely Decline A Job Offer: Writing The Perfect Rejection Letter Tips With Samples

by Samantha Wilson
Mar 2, 2023
4min read

As exciting as it is to receive a job offer, it can also be a tricky situation when you need to reject the offer. Writing and delivering the perfect rejection letter is essential for maintaining a positive relationship with the employer. This article will provide you with an example of how to politely decline a job offer, writing the perfect rejection letter that conveys your gratitude while still honoring your own needs.

Reasons for Declining the Job Offer

There are many reasons why someone might decline a job offer. The most common reasons are:

  • The salary or benefits are not what was expected
  • The commute is too long
  • The company culture not being a good fit
  • The position not being as challenging as was hoped
  • Lack of opportunities for career growth
  • The role not offering enough responsibility or autonomy
  • Unclear job expectations
  • There is a better opportunity elsewhere

No matter what your reason for declining a job offer is, keep in mind to decline a job offer politely.  These tips and email examples might help you to decline a job offer in a better way.

Tips To Decline A Job Offer

The most important thing to remember when declining a job offer is to be respectful. After all, the company has extended an offer to you, and it’s not easy for them to do that. So, how do you go about writing the perfect rejection letter?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Be concise. There is no need to write a novel. A simple, short letter is perfectly fine.
  2. Be truthful. If you are declining the offer because the salary was not what you were hoping for, say so. The company will appreciate your honesty and might be more open to negotiation if they know where you stand.
  3. Thank the company for their time and consideration. This is essential. Even though you’re not accepting the offer, show that you appreciate the opportunity that was extended to you.
  4. Maintain the connection. The company might have another position open up in the future that’s a better fit for you. Or, they might be able to offer some advice or networking connections down the road. Keeping in touch never hurts.

By following these tips, you can decline a job offer without burning any bridges. A well-written rejection letter will help maintain a positive relationship with the employer and leave the door open for future opportunities.

email rejection samples

Sample Emails to Decline a Job Offer

Although it may be tempting to simply ignore an employment offer, this is unprofessional and could damage your reputation. Plus, you never know when you might need that contact in the future.

When declining a job offer, always do so in writing. This way, you have a record of your decision and can avoid any miscommunication. Check out our sample emails below for your reference.

Email Sample #1

Dear [Employer],

Thank you for taking the time to consider me for the role of [job title] at your company. After careful consideration, I regretfully must decline the offer. Since I found that the position is not aligned with my professional goals, I feel that it would be best for both of us to pursue other candidates.

I appreciate the opportunity that your team has provided, and wish you all the best in finding a successful candidate for this position. 


[Your Name]

Email Sample #2

Dear [Employer],

Thank you for offering me the chance to join your team as [job title]. After some thought, I have decided that this role is not quite the right fit for me at this time. Although I’m sure I would have enjoyed working with you and your team, I believe other candidates would be better suited to this role. 

Please accept my sincere thanks for considering me and good luck with your future endeavors. 


[Your name]

Email Sample #3

Dear [Employer],

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to join your team as [job title]. After carefully weighing my options, I have decided that this position isn’t the right fit for me at this time.

I appreciate your consideration and the chance to learn more about your company. I wish you all the best in finding a qualified candidate to fill this role. 


[Your name]

Alternatives to Rejecting a Job Offer

There are a few alternatives to rejecting a job offer outright. If you're not sure whether you want to accept the position or not, you could ask for some time to think about it. This will give you time to weigh the pros and cons of the job, and see if it's a good fit for you.

You could also try negotiating with the company on certain aspects of the job, such as salary, benefits, or workload. If you're set on declining the offer, be sure to do it politely and professionally. Thank the company for their offer and express your appreciation for their interest in you. Be clear and concise in your rejection, and avoid burning any bridges.  

Lastly, requesting a meeting with the hiring manager to discuss the offer is another option. This will allow you to ask any questions you might have and get a better understanding of the position. It might also be beneficial to find out if there's room for negotiation on the job offer, so you can make sure it works for both sides.

Rejecting a job offer can be an uncomfortable task, but it's important to remain polite and professional at all times. By following the tips outlined above, you should be able to write the perfect rejection letter that is both gracious and firm. Don't forget to thank them for their time and effort in considering you as a potential hire - they may even turn out to be helpful contacts in the future.

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