Career as CRM Specialist: Job Description, Skills, and Salary

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Kaia Nirmala

Published on 13 November 2023

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The digital era has compelled every company to expand its activities into the online and digital realms. This includes daily work activities, branding, marketing, and maintaining relationships with customers. The activity of maintaining relationships with customers is commonly known as Customer Relationship Management or CRM.

The wave of digitalization has also reached the field of CRM, where companies can now maintain their customer relationships online or digitally. Online or digital CRM activities are considered more effective, efficient, and widespread. That's why the position of a CRM Specialist is currently in high demand, creating ample job opportunities.

If you're interested in a career as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Specialist, let's first explore what a CRM Specialist is, what roles and job responsibilities it involves, what skills are required, and what the job prospects and salary are like.

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and CRM Specialist?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) literally means customer relationship management. In meaning, CRM is a way or technology to manage all company relationships and interactions with customers and consumers. The goal is to improve business relationships and develop the company. People who carry out CRM activities and run the CRM system are called CRM Specialists.

A CRM system is created or used to help manage customer contacts, manage sales, and manage distributor or agent productivity. A good CRM system can be a tool for CRM Specialists to get new customers, keep old customers, and make customers happy by diligently interacting and providing the information and promotions they need on a regular basis.

CRM Specialist Role and Job Desc

There are quite a lot of positions or work titles as a CRM Specialist currently open. Before you start recruiting or starting a career as a CRM Specialist, let's understand the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Building relationships and maintaining profitable relationships between the company and customers and potential customers
  • Create strategies and carry out business activities using CRM programs or systems
  • Explore ideas and create CRM content that suits each customer segment
  • Supervise relationships with customers handled, and be prepared if the customer needs something
  • Resolve customer complaints quickly and efficiently
  • Updating the latest products to customers to increase sales
  • Expanding the customer base with up selling and cross-selling strategies
  • Know competitors' CRM strategies and develop appropriate strategies to win the hearts of customers
  • Understand when to contact customers and when not to contact them
  • Implementing and configuring CRM systems
  • Training users on CRM systems
  • Developing reports and dashboards
  • Analyzing CRM data
  • Troubleshooting CRM issues
  • Working with sales, marketing, and customer service teams

Skills Required for CRM Specialist

Maintaining customer relationships requires specific skills. It's not just about blasting messages but also engaging in various activities that can make customers happy when interacting with our company. Here are some skills that a CRM Specialist should possess:

  1. Strong marketing and communication skills, especially interpersonal communication.
  2. Understanding customer data management for segmentation and targeting purposes.
  3. Analytical skills to analyze data and create marketing plans to promote products that align with the target audience.
  4. Ability to design loyalty programs and various other initiatives to maintain customer relationships and loyalty.
  5. Proficiency in operating automated CRM tools such as Whatsapp Blast, sending Email Blasts, and others.
  6. Designing communication strategies across all digital platforms like websites, smartphone apps, Email, SMS, push notifications, and more.
  7. Quick, effective, and efficient problem-solving skills.
  8. Content creation skills, at least in text and visuals, to convey messages to customers.
  9. Have a strong understanding of CRM software, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and HubSpot, and be familiar with data analysis tools and reporting software.
  10. Understand the principles of CRM and how to use CRM systems to improve customer relationships and to develop and implement CRM strategies.

Job Opportunities for CRM Specialist

As businesses increasingly turn to technology to handle customer relationships, the demand for CRM Specialists is on the rise.

The employment prospects for CRM Specialists are robust. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of management analysts, encompassing CRM Specialists, is expected to experience a 14% growth from 2020 to 2030, surpassing the average growth rate for all occupations.

Numerous job opportunities exist for CRM Specialists, with common titles including:

  • CRM Specialist
  • CRM Analyst
  • CRM Administrator
  • CRM Developer
  • CRM Consultant

CRM Specialists have the flexibility to work in various industries such as technology, retail, financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing.

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Monthly Salary Estimation for CRM Specialist

The estimated salary for a CRM Specialist varies depending on experience and location.

In the United States, CRM Specialists receive the highest monthly salaries, averaging $3,600 per month. Singapore follows with an average of $3,170 per month, and Malaysia comes next at $680 per month. Indonesia has an average monthly salary of $510, while the Philippines has the lowest at $420.

Overall, senior-level CRM Specialists tend to earn the highest salaries across all countries, followed by mid-level and entry-level specialists.

For instance, in the United States, senior-level CRM Specialists earn an average monthly salary of $6,900, while entry-level specialists earn around $3,600.

Keep in mind that these salary figures are based on Glassdoor data and may not represent all CRM Specialists in these countries.

Here's the detail monthly salary estimation of CRM Specialist from Indonesia, Malaysia, United States, Singapore, and Philippines with level seniority in 2023. If you'd like to see more salary insight in any job title, check your salary and see if it's already ideal.

Monthly salary estimation of CRM Specialist from Indonesia, Malaysia, United States, Singapore, Philippines in 2023

Tips to Get a Job as CRM Specialist

Enhance your prospects of securing a rewarding position as a CRM Specialist with these comprehensive tips:

1. Find Certification in CRM Software

Broaden your skill set by pursuing CRM certifications such as Salesforce Certified Administrator or Microsoft Dynamics CRM Certified Professional. These certifications serve to showcase your proficiency and knowledge in CRM.

2. Build Practical Experience with CRM Systems

If you're new to CRM systems, consider gaining practical experience through volunteer work or internships. These hands-on opportunities allow you to familiarize yourself with various CRM platforms, equipping you with the practical know-how that employers often seek.

3. Connect with CRM Professionals

Networking provides a platform for you to engage with experienced CRM professionals, exchanging insights and learning about potential job opportunities. Not only broadens your knowledge, but also opens doors to potential employers who value industry connections.

These are some insights into the CRM Specialist career, responsibilities, required skills, and salary. Hopefully, this information provides a new perspective, vision, and career horizon for you, Epicareer friends!

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