Career as Employer Branding: Job Desc, Skills and Salary

Irwan Gunawan
Irwan Gunawan

Published on 13 November 2023

Career as Employer Branding

Salary is not the only indicator of an employee choosing a place of work. Work-life balance, work culture, and colleagues are also important considerations for employee decision making. For this reason, currently companies are competing to display the work culture in their offices to the public in the hope that these companies will attract professionals to join.

The activity of displaying work culture, office design, and employee profiles is called employer branding. The task of employer branding is even to create special positions within the company structure so that they can focus on improving the company's image in the eyes of the public.

For that, let's learn employer branding, responsibilities, skills that are needed, job opportunities, and salaries.

What is Employer Branding?

Employer Branding is the activity of managing, influencing and improving a company's reputation to job seekers, employees and stakeholders such as investors. The goal is for your company to be considered good and professional in the eyes of other people from all aspects.

One of the final results expected from employer branding is retaining high-achieving employees to continue working at the company, and also attracting high-quality prospective employees outside the company to be interested in joining the company.

A strong employer brand can help a company attract and retain top talent, build customer loyalty, and boost its reputation.

Employer Branding Roles and Job Desc

Employer Branding roles encompass a variety of responsibilities aimed at shaping and promoting a positive image of an organization as an employer.

Here are common roles and their corresponding job descriptions within the field of Employer Branding:

1. Employer Brand Manager Job Desc

  • Develop and implement comprehensive employer branding strategies.
  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders to understand and articulate the organization's culture, values, and unique selling points.
  • Design and execute innovative campaigns to enhance the employer brand's visibility and appeal.
  • Monitor and analyze employee feedback and industry trends to continually refine and optimize branding initiatives.
  • Cultivate positive relationships with employees and external partners to strengthen the employer brand.

2. Social Media Specialist (Employer Branding) Job Desc

  • Manage and curate content across various social media platforms to showcase the organization's employer brand.
  • Develop and execute social media campaigns to engage current and potential employees.
  • Monitor social media trends and respond to online conversations related to the employer brand.
  • Collaborate with the marketing team to align social media strategies with overall branding goals.

3. Employee Experience Specialist Job Desc

  • Enhance and optimize the employee experience to align with the employer brand.
  • Conduct surveys and gather feedback to assess employee satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.
  • Collaborate with HR to ensure that policies, practices, and benefits align with the employer brand.
  • Develop and implement programs to promote employee well-being and professional growth.

4. Employer Branding Analyst Job Desc

  • Conduct market research to understand industry trends and competitor employer branding practices.
  • Analyze data related to employee engagement, turnover, and satisfaction.
  • Generate reports and insights to measure the effectiveness of employer branding initiatives.
  • Provide recommendations for optimizing branding strategies based on data-driven insights.

5. Internal Communications Specialist (Employer Branding) Job Desc

  • Develop and implement internal communication strategies to reinforce the employer brand among employees.
  • Create compelling content for internal communications channels, such as newsletters, intranet, and company meetings.
  • Ensure consistent messaging and alignment with overall branding goals.
  • Collaborate with different departments to share success stories and promote a positive internal culture.

Skills Required by Employer Branding Position

Improving a company's positive image with employer branding requires special skills that are different from improving the branding of a product.

To achieve employer branding targets and objectives, employees must have the following skills:

  1. Expertise in marketing principles and effective branding strategies.
  2. Strong written and verbal communication skills to convey the employer brand message.
  3. Skill in managing and leveraging social media platforms for branding purposes.
  4. Innovative thinking to design compelling and unique employer branding campaigns.
  5. Ability to conduct research and use analytics to measure and enhance branding initiatives.
  6. Strong interpersonal skills to foster positive relationships with internal stakeholders, employees, and external partners, ensuring a unified and positive employer brand experience.
  7. Expertise in creating and enhancing the Employer Value Proposition, identifying and emphasizing unique selling points to attract and retain top talent.
  8. Familiarity with the latest tools and technologies relevant to employer branding, ensuring a tech-savvy approach to optimize branding strategies.
  9. Effective project management skills to meticulously plan, execute, and monitor multifaceted employer branding initiatives, ensuring they align with organizational goals.

Employer Branding Job Opportunities

The need for employer branding is starting to increase in Indonesia along with the rapid growth of startups or start-up companies.

These companies are competing to tempt experts and professionals to join their companies. Therefore, there are quite a lot of job vacancies in the field of employer branding.

There are many different job opportunities available for employer branding professionals. Some of the most common job titles include:

  • Employer Branding Specialist
  • Employer Branding Manager
  • Employer Branding Director
  • Employer Branding Consultant
  • Employer Branding Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Employee Communications Manager

If you want to have a career as employer branding in Singapore, Malaysia, United States, Indonesia, Philippines, you can find more vacancies in Job Recommendation.

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Employer Branding Salaries

According to Glassdoor, Employer Branding Specialists in the United States earn the highest salaries, with an average monthly salary of $4,830.

This is followed by Singapore, with an average monthly salary of $2,710. Malaysia has the third highest average monthly salary, at $1,890.

Indonesia has the fourth highest average monthly salary, at $1,350. The Philippines has the lowest average monthly salary, at $1,140.

Across all countries, senior-level Employer Branding Specialists earn the highest salaries, followed by mid-level Employer Branding Specialists, and then entry-level Employer Branding Specialists.

For example, in the United States, senior-level Employer Branding Specialists earn an average monthly salary of $6,900, while entry-level Employer Branding Specialists earn an average monthly salary of $3,600.

These salary insights are based on data from Glassdoor and may not be representative of all Employer Branding Specialists in these countries.

Here's a breakdown of the monthly salary estimates for Employer Branding roles in Indonesia, Malaysia, the United States, Singapore, and the Philippines, categorized by seniority level in 2023. If you're interested in more salary insights for specific job titles, you can check your current salary to determine if it aligns with your expectations.

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Tips to Land Jobs as Employer Branding

In today's competitive job market, attracting top talent requires more than just a compelling job description. It demands a strategic approach to employer branding.

Follow these essential tips to enhance your employer brand and increase your chances of landing the best candidates for your organization.

  • Get certified in employer branding, such as the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Certified Employer Branding Professional (CEBP) certification and the Employer Brand Management Institute (EBMI) Certified Employer Branding Professional (CEBP) certification.
  • If you don't have any experience with employer branding, try to get some volunteer or internship experience.
  • Attend industry events and conferences to meet other employer branding professionals.
  • Develop a strong portfolio of employer branding work, from branding research, strategy, and content creations.

Those are some explanations about a career as an employer branding, responsibilities, skills you must have, and salary. Hopefully this can open your perspective, vision and career horizons, EpicSeekers!

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