Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in Philippines 2023

Bryan Ang
Bryan Ang

Published on 15 November 2023

Highest Paying Jobs in Philippines

Philippines is a country with a rapidly growing economy, and this has led to a strong demand for skilled workers in a variety of industries.

The big reality in an employee's life is the desire to have a big salary every month. Since prices and needs continue to rise, you are also looking for a job that will help you to save and build a foundation. However, you also need to consider your qualification so that you don't have difficulty entering the job you want.

There are many high-paying jobs available in Philippines in 2023. And, I will also provide information on what each job entails, how much you can expect to earn, and how to get started in your career.

1. Chief Executive Officer

Salary: P40 000 - P160 000

In many companies managed in the Philippines, the chief executive is the leader and has the most responsibility or role among all those who belong to the organizational structure in the office.

To be a chief executive, it is necessary that he is skilled in managing a business, product, or service. He has skills in leading large or small groups, has the ability to help and take initiative, and remains humble at all times. He has the highest rank in the company, and also the most compensation.

2. Bank Manager

Salary: P45 000 - P170 000

As a bank manager, he has an obligation to look after all the branches and operations of the bank he belongs to. He also oversees the performance of the company's employees, and is responsible for maintaining sales goals, serving clients, and expanding revenue. He or she is usually a graduate of Accounting, financial, and other related studies.

3. Lawyer

Salary: P50 000 - P180 000

It takes an individual a long time to become a full-fledged lawyer. One of their primary jobs is to communicate with clients, judges, and other people involved in a case. They also present or give advice or counsel, and represent their clients before an agency, government, or court for a matter.

Not only are they found in court, they also prepare and file legal papers and documents such as contracts, wills, lawsuits, and other tasks that line up their work.

4. Judge

Salary: P60 000 - P200 000

Judges have different activities that work outside and inside a court. They have their assigned duties, and these are to hear allegations and charges from both sides defending and prosecuting, hearing the statements and corroborations of witnesses, receiving evidence, and giving direction to each testimony presented by the jurors. .

This job is no joke because they determine the innocence or guilt of defendants in court, and decide the severity of damages or liability.

5. Doctor/Surgeon

Salary: P75 000 - P260 000

As a doctor, he has a lot of responsibility because he has to keep detailed records of patients, provide quality care to them, make diagnoses, and treat the sick.

However, there are many processes to become a doctor. These include having medical certification and licensure, having earned a doctoral degree from an accredited medical school, being able to work long hours, and remaining calm during stressful medical and surgical situations.

With a long period of your hard work, and your professional qualification is aligned with the jobs above, you can apply to get any vacancy using our job recommendation from around the world since many companies and institutions is currently offering these types of prestigious jobs with high salaries.

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