Primary School Teacher Career Path in Malaysia

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Published on 28 November 2023

Primary School Teacher Career Path in Malaysia

Teacher is a noble profession. The task of educating the children of the nation is very important to ensure that the generation that will lead this country is a generation that is intellectual, highly capable, has diverse skills, and upholds morals.

Education starts at home, then at school the teachers will shape these children. The role of teachers in the formation of children as early as primary school is very significant in their personal development.

If you are interested in becoming a primary school teacher, here we share some important information and career paths to become a primary school teacher in Malaysia.

Primary School Teacher Career Path in Malaysia

To become a teacher, you need to follow formal education until the end of Form 5 or 6 before continuing your studies to the next level when you get excellent results or meet the requirements to enter the teaching field.

1. Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM)

After finishing Form 5, you can choose the field of study you are interested in based on your results. Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), is an exam taken by secondary students in Malaysia to assess their eligibility to enter higher education.

Students who graduate from SPM will usually continue their studies to the pre-university level or undergo a program offered by the Ministry of Education to qualify you to take an education degree. Excellent SPM results can also help you get a scholarship.

2. Malaysian Certificate of Higher Education (STPM)

You can continue your studies in Form 6 if you fail to get an offer to go to pre-university after completing Form 5. STPM results that meet the conditions allow you to take an education degree through the UPU application.

3. PPISMP (Teaching Institute) Completion Certificate

You can also follow the Bachelor of Teaching Preparatory Program (PPISMP) or a one-year preparatory program for the Bachelor of Teaching Program or the Bachelor of Teaching Program (PISMP) after completing SPM. A certificate is given after passing the program.

4. Bachelor of Teaching Degree Program (PISMP) - Institute of Teaching

After passing the PPISMP, you can now continue to follow the Bachelor of Teaching Degree Program or the Bachelor of Teaching Degree Program (PISMP) for 4 years. After completing this program, you will receive a degree in education and can now teach in government public schools.

5. Education Diploma or Education Degree

After going through one of the above processes, you will obtain an Education Diploma or Education Degree specializing in Primary Education. These are the main qualifications required to become a primary school teacher.

Stages of Teacher Career Development

Here is the career development for primary school teachers:

Junior Level (1-3 years of experience)

  • Elementary Teacher
  • Classroom teachers
  • Classroom teachers

Intermediate Level (4-8 years of experience)

  • Primary Senior Teacher
  • Teacher Leader
  • Headmaster

Senior level (8 years or older)

  • Head Teacher
  • Deputy Headmaster
  • Principal

If you are interested in continuing your studies, you can enroll in a Graduate Certification or Master's Degree and Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) program to further improve your teaching abilities.

Indirectly, it can help increase your salary and qualify you for a senior management or administrative position. In addition, you can also follow certain courses and training as a step in your career development.

Requirements to be a Primary School Teacher

To become a primary school teacher in Malaysia, there are several conditions that must be met.

  1. First of all, the candidate must have the required academic qualifications which is a Bachelor of Education (Honours) degree or equivalent from a higher education institution recognized by the Malaysian Government.
  2. In addition, candidates must also obtain approval in Malay and English in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) exam or equivalent. For candidates who do not have qualifications in these languages, they need to take additional classes and obtain qualifications before being considered to be a primary school teacher.
  3. Candidates also need to undergo a teaching course and obtain a Postgraduate Teaching Course certificate (KPLI) or a Postgraduate Diploma Teaching Course certificate (KPLD) provided by the Malaysian Ministry of Education.
  4. In addition, candidates must also pass psychometric tests and health tests provided by the Public Service Department (JPA) and the Ministry of Health Malaysia. Candidates who have completed all these requirements can only be considered to become primary school teachers in Malaysia.

If you are not Malaysians and want to work here, read this article to prepare your work abroad: Pros and Cons Working Abroad.

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