Professional Reasons for Quitting Jobs [with Examples]

diana veronica
Diana Veronica

Published on 14 November 2023

Professional Reasons for Quitting Jobs [with Examples]

When the time comes for you to quit your job, you may be wondering what is the best reason you can give to your employer so that your reason doesn't seem too personal.

Usually employers will look at the reasons we give so that the process of quitting work is smooth and easy to approve.

Before writing a resignation letter, you need to think of the best reason to write in the letter. You can refer to some examples of reasons for quitting work listed below to show your professional side.

1. Career Development

According to McKinsey & Company, employees quit their jobs for a variety of reasons. Lack of career development is the top reason employees quit, with 41% of employees saying that they left their job because they felt like they had no opportunities for growth, followed by inadequate salary and other aspects.

top reasons employees quit in 2023

When you are in the same position for too long and do not have the opportunity to grow in the existing company, another option you can do is to quit your job and find another job that can help you to develop your career.

You can use the experience and skills you have to find a job that is in line with your career goals.

Examples of reasons you can state in your resignation letter are:

"I have learned many new things and gathered various experiences during my tenure in this position. With the skills and experience I have, I am now looking for new opportunities to further my career path.”

2. Better Salary and Benefits

In a time when the economy is getting worse, a salary increase is something that workers are waiting for.

When your company offers a salary that is less than what you need, you can take steps to quit your job after accepting a better offer with a higher salary. As the saying goes, sustenance cannot be rejected.

A more stable job with better career development opportunities can certainly guarantee your life in the long run.

Reasons you can state are:

"I accepted a salary offer and better benefits for career development and to meet my needs. Therefore, I plan to take this opportunity and quit working at your company.”

3. Looking for other experiences

As much as possible, we all definitely want a career that suits the qualifications we have, not everyone is lucky and has the opportunity to get the desired career at the beginning of the job search.

Then willingly, accept any work even if it is not directly related to the qualifications possessed for the sake of survival. Then it is certain that you do not plan to stay in the position for a long time when you receive another offer.

If you have experienced this situation, you can give professional reasons such as:

"During my service at this company, I have mastered various new skills despite having different qualifications. In order to gain other new experiences that suit my qualifications, I am interested in accepting other positions that are offered to me.”

4. Moving to another city or fulfilling responsibilities with family

There is no treasure more valuable than family members. Although you are very committed to your career, the demands of responsibility for family members are much more important.

Undoubtedly, many have actually had to quit their jobs due to this. To avoid your reason appearing too personal you can state your reason for quitting as follows:

"In order to fulfill family commitments, I have to quit my job to pay attention to my family members in their hometown and find other suitable career options."

5. Changing career path

If you do not find a suitable reason to be stated in the resignation letter, you can use this reason to change jobs.

It doesn't matter what your real goal is. Wanting peace of mind is also a goal. Who knows that a new company will have a work culture that soothes the soul.

Examples of reasons you can give are:

"I want to change my career path in order to achieve my goals & objectives."

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