How to Reject a Job Offer (With Examples)

fara nadira
Fara Nadira

Published on 14 November 2023

How to Reject a Job Offer

As a job seeker, when you get a job offer, it is undoubtedly very exciting news. However, not all jobs offered are suitable for you to accept or, you may already have the option of working elsewhere.

So, you have to decline the offer. But, the question is, how to reject a job offer in a professional manner without causing the company's image and name to be adversely affected?

It looks easy, but it's not as easy as it seems. When in that situation, most people will feel all wrong and don't know what to do. Finally, simply ignore the offer without giving a final say.

This action may cause your image and name to be scratched. Most likely, blacklisted from the company. Ideally, we need to avoid this because who knows in the future you may have the opportunity to work with them anyway.

Tips and how to reject a job offer with a professional

Here are tips and how to reject a job offer with a professional that you can refer to if you want to reject any job offer offered to you.

1. Avoid taking a long time

When wanting to turn down a job offer you don't want, avoid taking too long. Although it takes time to make a decision, do not hesitate to inform the company when you have decided to reject the offer.

Your rejection means they will have to reconsider the other application and offer the position to someone else. Your actions may affect other people's opportunities because the company is still waiting for an answer from you and has to close the opportunity to others.

The more you delay sending your answer, the more time their hiring process takes. This will indirectly inconvenience many parties.

2. Show appreciation for the offer given

Before you communicate your rejection of the offer, start by expressing your gratitude for the offer. Also let the hiring company know that you appreciate their time and consideration. This is a civil and professional way to decline a job offer.

Examples of sentences you can use:

Thank you for contacting me and offering me the position of XXX. Honestly, I really appreciate your offer. However, due to some personal factors, I have to decline the post. I thank you again for your time and consideration and hope that you will soon find the right candidate for the position.

3. State your reasons

Don't forget to state your reasons in a professional manner. Your reason should be professional and not too personal or disparaging the company. Among the examples of professional reasons you can state when rejecting a job offer are:

  • Receive other job offers
  • Your career goals are not the same as the company
  • You need a higher salary

Meanwhile, among the examples of unprofessional answers are;

  • You don't like the branch manager
  • The company is not progressing
  • There is someone you don't like working there

Example of a job offer rejection letter


First of all, I would like to thank you for offering me the position as XXX in your company.

However, unfortunately, I had to decline the offer because I had received another job offer/found my career goals not in line with the position offered/the salary offered was less than my expectations/etc.

I would like to thank you again for your time and consideration. Hopefully one day I will have the opportunity to work in your company.

Yours sincerely,


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