Frequently asked question

Can I use my Linkedin Profile?

Yes, you can use your linkedin profile to get job recommendations. Put in your profile link to step 1 to start.

Does this service really free?

As impossible as it looks.. Yes, all epicareer's service is free. You wont be asked to submit any payment information like credit card, ever.

Where epicareer got all of those jobs to recommend?

Our Al browse deeply through the internet to find jobs that's suits you. We read and learn the job's requirements + description, then match it with information that you provide inside your resume/cv such as work experience, skill, and location.

Can I apply for the jobs that epicareer recommend?

Not only can, but you should. But there's a catch though: You can't apply inside epicareer. After clicking apply, our system will securely direct you to where that job is posted (usually a big and verified job-search website in your region). From there you can complete the application process according to the job-search site's user flow.

Why Epicareer failed to process my resume?

Epicareer's Al works by identifying texts in your resume. Certain common resume file format such as .PNG, JPEG, or JPG can't preserve quality and shape of the text. We highly recommend you to submit resume in vector-based file format like PDF, .DOC, or .DOCX.

Why certain element in my resume can't be identify?

Although Epicareer can be accessed by everyone in the world and able to identify multiple language, our Al works best by identifying texts in english. Certain criteria also need to be met. For example, when it comes to phone number we highly suggest that it started with country code. Example : +60 (Malaysia), +62 (Indonesia), and +65 (Singapore). Or if it's a working experience, make sure the section have the company name, position, location, and duration of your experience in (at least) month + year format. Example : January 2021 - March 2022.

Got more question? Our team always standby to help you. Send your questions, concern, or complaint to [email protected]